U.S. Carbines in Germany and Austria


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Austria's Story
  The Gendarmerie
   Lower Austria
   Upper Austria
  The National Agencies
  Accessories, Oddities, Training Rifles
   Austrian Accessories and Ammo
   Austrian Oddities
   Austrian Training Rifles
Germany's Story
  German Use of M1 Carbines during WWII
  The American Occupation Zone in West Germany: One Zone, Five Local Governments
   Bremen Enclave
  The American Occupation Zone: National Agencies
   The Federal Border Guard
   The Bundeswehr
  The American Occupation Zone: Security Officers
   Labor Service
  The British Occupation Zone
   Lower Saxony
  Accessories, Ammo, Parts, and Oddities
   Accessories in West Germany
   Oddities in West Germany
   Parts in West Germany
  U.S. Military Assistance to Foreign Nations-M1 & M2 Carbines
The Armory
  Individual web pages for over 50+ M1 Carbines that served in Austria and West Germany
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