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Vorarlberg is the western most state of Austria and is somewhat isolated from the rest of Austria by it's mountains. The land borders Bavaria to the north, Tirol to the east, Lake Constance to the west, Lichtenstein to the southwest, and Switzerland to the south. Vorarlberg is a very mountainious state, with the altitude dropping in the western areas that border Lake Constance.

In 1958 the population of the Austrian state of Vorarlberg was 201,100. Vorarlberg is 2601.48 sq. kilometers (1616.5 sq miles). The capitol of Vorarlberg is Bregenz.

In 1958 the Gendarmerie of Vorarlberg was headquartered in Bregenz with regional commands in Bregenz (130 personnel in 21 posts) and Feldkirch (189 personnel in 27 posts). [Almanach der österreichischen Bundesgendarmerie, 1958]

DistrictCommunitiesAreaPopulation (Dec 2004)
Bludenz29 1,287.50 sq km (49.49 %) 69,451 (18,3 %)
Bregenz40 863.36 sq km (33.19 %) 129,987 (34,2 %)
Dornbirn3 172.34 sq km (6.62 %) 80,414 (21,2 %)
Feldkirch24 278.28 sq km (10.70 %) 99,790 (26,3 %)
totals96 2,601.48 sq km 379,642

For an overview of Vorarlberg, including a 3D map with many videos of the various areas, visit the Vorarlberg website.

LGKV U.S. M1 Carbines


Landes Gendarmerie Kommando Vorarlberg

Carbines with the markings of Vorarlberg have been found to usually have only one marking configuration. They have the Gendarmerie markings on the bottom of the trigger housing, and the entire serial number stamped in the slingwell and in the underside of the handguard.

Emblem that appears to be an asterisk is actually one of the logos of the Austrian Gendarmerie.

The majority of carbines used by this state have the original GI parts appropriate for the carbine manufacturer, with the exception of many with an adjustable rear sight and rotary safety.

The inventory numbers are still being evaluated to determine the highest number. If a carbine with the Tirol Gendarmerie markings is in the USA, it was returned by Austria to the U.S. Army and turned over to the Civilian Marksmanship Program in 2008. These carbines have no import marks.