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In 1958 the population of the Austrian state of Steiermark was 1,118,400. Steiermark is 16,383.79 sq. kilometers (10,180.4 sq miles). The capitol of Steiermark is Graz.

In 1958 the Gendarmerie of Steiermark was headquartered in Graz with regional commands in:

  • Graz (215 personnel in 41 posts)
  • Feldbach (234 personnel in 32 posts)
  • Leibnitz (268 personnel in 36 posts)
  • Leoben (171 personnel in 22 posts)
  • Bruck an der Mur (284 personnel in 30 posts)
  • Judenburg (164 personnel in 21 posts)
  • Weiz (236 personnel in 35 posts)
  • Liezen (193 personnel in 28 posts)
  • [Almanach der österreichischen Bundesgendarmerie, 1958]

    DistrictCommunitiesAreaPopulation (Jan 2008)
    Graz-Stadt (city)1 127.56 sq km 250,653
    Bruck a.d. Mur21 1306.81 sq km 63,472
    Deutschlandsberg40 863.49 sq km 61,235
    Feldbach55 727.25 sq km 67,488
    Fürstenfeld14 263.82 sq km 23,041
    Graz-Umgebung57 1100.89 sq km 140.026
    Hartberg50 955.63 sq km 67,467
    Judenburg24 1097.36 sq km 46,098
    Knittelfeld14 578.09 sq km 29,312
    Leibnitz48 681.52 sq km 76,828
    Leoben19 1099.68 sq km 64,761
    Liezen51 3270.77 sq km 81,150
    Mürzzuschlag16 848.86 sq km 41,077
    Murau34 1348.58 sq km 30,289
    Radkersburg19 336.96 sq km 23,324
    Voitsberg25 678.60 sq km 52,733
    Weiz54 1069.64 sq km 86,955
    totals542 16,392.35 sq km 1,205,909

    For an overview of Steiermark, visit the Steiermark website.

    For a 3D topographical map of Steiermark, visit the Steiermark Digital Atlas. Make sure the box in the left column for "Satellitenbild" is checked, then click on the map. If you want to look for a particular district, in the left column towards the top there is a drop down menu labeled "Abfragethema". To search for a district select "Bezirke" then enter the name, to search for a community/town select "Gemeinden" and enter the postal code or name.

    LGKST U.S. M1 Carbines

    LGK ST

    Landes Gendarmerie Kommando Steiermark

    Carbines with the markings of Steiermark have been found to usually have one of two marking configurations. The first group has the Gendarmerie markings on the bottom of the trigger housing, with no other parts stamped with any other numbers or markings.

    The second group have the Gendarmerie markings on the bottom of the trigger housing, and the entire serial number stamped in the slingwell, in the underside of the handguard and etched on top of the bolt.

    The majority of carbines used by this state have the original GI parts appropriate for the carbine manufacturer, with the exception of many with an adjustable rear sight and rotary safety.

    M1 Carbine Magazine, 15 round capacity

    [photos courtesy of unclesam099]

    Gendarmerie Post Command, Schirmitzbühel [village]
    Postal Code 8605 Kapfenberg [city], District of Bruck an der Mur , Steiermark [Austrian State]
    Inspector Schweinberger

    The inventory numbers are still being evaluated to determine the highest number. If a carbine with the Steiermark Gendarmerie markings is in the USA, it was returned by Austria to the U.S. Army and turned over to the Civilian Marksmanship Program in 2008. These carbines have no import marks.