U.S. M1 Carbine
Quality H.M.C.
Serial Number: 1,638,442

Industrial Police
Justice Police


On the top of the recoil plate of this carbine are the markings HE-J.P.. One source indicates this was the Hessen Industrial Police but it may have been the Hessen Justice Administration's prison police. The Hessen Industrial Police operated under the command of the U.S. Army Military Police. Elsewhere in the American Occupation sectors the Industrial Police who were issued carbines did not receive them from the Office of Military Government. They were the property of the U.S. Military Police. Refer to the web page for the West German Labor Service and the web page for the Hessen Police.

This carbine is located in New Zealand and most likely traveled there by means of a small arms import/export firm. Unlike the U.S.A., New Zealand does not require the importer to place their name on the small arms they import.

Barrel Group

Barrel type I Underwood 43
Gas Piston    
Front Sight type I JQ (O.D. Jennings Co. of Chicago, IL for Quality HMC)
Barrel Band type IA Swivel marked UP (Union Hardware Company of Torring, CT for Irwin-Pedersen)
Barrel Skirt    
Slide type III SG (Saginaw Steering Gear, Saginaw, MI)

Serial number not stamped in slide.

Stock Group

Stock type III TN (Trimble Nurseryland Furniture Co. of Rochester, NY for National Postal Meter)
Handguard type II JL-B (Jamestown Lounge Company of Jamestown, NY for IBM)
Buttplate   S-S3 (Shelby Spring Co. of Shelby, OH for Standard Products)

Stock and handguard have the last 3 digits of the receiver serial number.

Receiver Group

Receiver type I Quality H.M.C.
Rear Sight type III H in shield (Hemphill Co. of Pawtucket, RI for Inland, also used as replacement rear sight)
Recoil Plate   D.I. (Dayton Mold Co. of Dayton, OH for Inland)

HE-J.P. (Hessen Landjägerei Polizei)

Bolt Group

Bolt type III AI 1 (Inland, manufactured by Autotyre Div.)
Ejector type  
Extractor type  
Extractor Plunger type  
Firing Pin type  

Bolt does not have receiver serial number.

Trigger Group

Trigger Housing type III Q-NL (National Lock Company of Rockford, IL for Quality Hardware)
Trigger type II W (Winchester)
Sear type I U (Underwood)
Hammer type III I-I (International Silver Company of Meriden, CT for Inland)
Safety type IV (rotary) unmarked
Magazine Catch type II-A A-R (made by subcontractor for Rock-Ola - unverified but may be Allied Screw Machine Co. of Chicago, IL)

Bottom of trigger housing has last 3 digits of receiver serial number.

Photos & Data courtesy of

Murray from Auckland, NZ

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