U.S. M1 Carbine
Serial Number: 3,366,404



Purchased from a gun store in New Zealand. Gun store purchased this carbine from a private party

Barrel Group

Barrel   markings?
Front Sight Type  
Barrel Band Type 1  
Barrel Skirt    
Slide Type  

No barrel info

Stock Group

Stock type 2 RSG & 42A in slingwell (Saginaw Gear)
Handguard type 2 RSG (Saginaw Gear)

Entire receiver serial number stamped on bottom of stock's handgrip. 42A in slingwell, unknown meaning. Handguard has last 4 digits of receiver serial number stamped stamped inside. Light ordnance cannon with ordnance approval box on right side of buttstock.

Receiver Group

Receiver type 2 Saginaw S.G.
Rear Sight type 3 I.R. Co. 7160060, on right side
Operating Spring Tunnel Housing part of receiver  
Recoil Plate type  

On the receiver below serial number stamped with antlers imprint. Recoil plate below this is stamped L.P.W. The LPW stands for Landes Polizei Württemberg. These were the police that covered the part of of the lands of Württemberg that was in the American zone of occupation. The antlers are used by a German proof house in the City of Ulm, when they test and certify weapons. However, this carbine lacks the Nitro proof mark and date that accompany the Ulm proof house mark, if the antlers were used as a proof mark. The antlers are a trademark for the city of Ulm, in the lands of Württemberg. Württemberg also used the antlers at various points in time. Württemberg became Baden-Württemberg in 1952. The markings on this rifle are consistent with it's initial use between 1945-1952. Likely it also served beyond 1952 when the French and American occupations zones became the western occupation zones, with the joining of Baden with Württemberg.

Bolt Group

Bolt type 2 markings?
Extractor Plunger    
Firing Pin    

No digits of serial number on bolt.

Trigger Group

Trigger Housing type 3 SG (Saginaw Gear)
Hammer type 3  
Trigger Spring    
Trigger Housing Pin Type 2  
Safety type 2  
Magazine Catch type 3  
Magazine Catch Plunger    

Outside bottom of trigger housing on the outside of the trigger guard is marked WB-LP-0736. The numbers are the inventory number for this rifle as assigned by the Germans. The letters, WürttemBerg Landes Polizei.

Additional Information

Rifle has no import mark.

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