U.S. M1 Carbine
Serial Number: 769724

Bavaria Rural Police
Württemberg-Baden Landespolizei


This carbine was purchased from a private party in Canada, who had bought this carbine and 2 others at a police confiscated arms sale in Montreal in the 1980's.

This carbine was first used by the Bavaria Rural Police. It is one of 900 carbines sold by Bavaria to the Württemberg-Baden Landespolizei in 1955. It bears the marks of this agency on the trigger guard. On the receiver and recoil plate below the serial number are tool marks and indications markings were removed. Wuerttemberg is not known to have treated their carbines with hot black oxide. Bavaria used this treatment when necessary to "re-blue" the receiver and/or barrel. The Landespolizei and Rural Police carried out many of the same duties in their respective states. They could be considered sister agencies.

Barrel Group

Barrel Type 2 Inland Div. General Motors 7-43
Front Sight type 1 S
Barrel Band type 1A no markings
Barrel Skirt    
Slide type 5 7160091 (part #)

No import mark.

Stock Group

Stock type 1 RMC (Rock-Ola)
Handguard type 1 M-U (Marlin Firearms Co. for Underwood)
Buttplate   Late style Inland

Stock slingwell and underside of handguard have 0567 stamped in them. This does not match the receiver serial number. Ordnance cartouche visible on right side of buttstock.

Receiver Group

Receiver type 2 Inland Div., SG lft side of receiver (Saginaw Gear for Inland Div.)
Rear Sight type 1 S on left, no mark on right
Recoil Plate type 2 or 3 DI (Dayton Mold Co. of Dayton, OH for Inland)

Note the 1 missing in "CAL. 30 M1"

Bavaria Rural Police on top of the receiver to the left of the bolt. Rear of receiver below serial number and recoil plate have been buffed down. SG on left side of receiver (see trigger housing pictures below). 1 in M1 on receiver ring is missing. Receiver, barrel band, barrel, and front sight have been treated with hot black oxide for "bluing".

Bolt Group

Bolt type 2  
Extractor Plunger    
Firing Pin    

Bolt has last digits 6345 stamped into the top. Numbers do not match receiver. Bolt has not been dismantled since carbine was purchased.

Trigger Group

Trigger Housing type IV BE-B (used by Standard Products & IBM)
Trigger type  
Sear type  
Hammer type 2 LT-Q (Ludlow Typograph Co. of Chicago for Quality Hardware)
Safety type 2 or 3  
Magazine Catch type 1A .U. (Underwood)

Rear of trigger housing at top does not have any 3 or 4 digit markings. Bottom of trigger housing marked WB-LP-2265, meaning Wuerttemberg Landespolizei inventory number 2265.

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