U.S. M1 Carbine
Serial Number: 51599xx

Württemberg-Baden, Stadtkreis, Heilbronn Polizei


Purchased at a gun shop in New Mexico summer 2008.

Barrel Group

Barrel   Inland Div. General Motors 44 (no month indicated)
Front Sight type I N (Niedner Rifle Corp. of Dowagiac, MI for Inland)
Barrel Band type II PI (unknown Inland subcontractor, possibly Packard Inland, a division of Inland)
Barrel Skirt    
Slide type V 7160091 on bottom (part #) and B on bottom, PI (Packard Manufacturing Co. of Indianapolis for Inland)

Import mark on bottom of barrel "Century Arms Inc. St Albans VT". Slide does not have partial serial number stamped on it.

Stock Group

Stock type III unmarked (faint cartouche right side)
Handguard type III OI (S.E. Overton for Inland)
Buttplate   Saginaw

Stock appears to have been refinished. No markings in slingwell, faint remnants of cartouche on the right side of the stock. Last two digits of serial number are stamped inside the stock between the slide well and trigger housing cut.

Receiver Group

Receiver   Inland
Rear Sight type III I.R. Co. 7160060 (International Register Co. of Chicago, IL for Inland and others)
Recoil Plate type III PI (unknown Inland subcontractor)

Left side of receiver ring has a crest followed by the number 40. The number is consistent with an internal invetory number. The crest is still under investigation.

Bolt Group

Bolt type III round bolt OI (Inland)
Ejector type  
Extractor type III WI (Wadsworth Watchcase Co. of Dayton, KY for Inland)
Extractor Plunger type  
Firing Pin type III NI (National Cash Register Co. of Dayton, OH for Inland)

Trigger Group

Trigger Housing type III Inland logo (vertical)
Trigger type II RI (Reece Button Hole Machine Co. of Boston, MA for Inland)
Sear type I RI (Reece Button Hole Machine Co. of Boston, MA for Inland)
Hammer type III HI (unknown Inland subcontractor-possibly Hemphill Co. of Pawtucket, RI)
Safety type IV HI (unknown Inland subcontractor-possibly Hemphill Co. of Pawtucket, RI)
Magazine Catch type III EI (Eaton Pond Co. of Springfield, MA for Inland)

Wurttemberg-Baden Stadtkreis Heilbronn

Bottom of trigger guard marked WB-S-HLBN (Wuerttemberg-Baden Stadtkreis Heilbronn).

Information and photographs provided courtesy of Dennis Montera

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