U.S. M1 Carbine
Saginaw S.G.
Serial Number: 3,489,401

Bavaria (agency name removed)


Purchased beyond recent memory.

The Bavaria agency name has been removed from the receiver. The work was fairly well done and it's hard to notice.

Barrel Group

Barrel   Saginaw S.G. undated
Front Sight type I unmarked
Barrel Band type II unmarked
Barrel Skirt    
Slide type III marking not visible

Slide and barrel band retaining spring have the last two digits of the receiver serial number on top of the bolt lug engagement area.

Stock Group

Stock type II unmarked
Handguard type II  
Buttplate   Early Inland

Stock is a highwood with an oval sling cut, has been sanded and varnished. Entire serial number stamped in wood under buttplate. Last 2 digits of receiver serial number stamped in underside of buttplate.

Receiver Group

Receiver   Sainaw S.G.
Rear Sight type III I.R. Co. 7160060
Recoil Plate type II unmarked

Top of receiver to left of bolt, Bavaria agency name has been removed

Rear sight, recoil plate, and recoil plate screw have the last two digits of the receiver serial number. The left side of the receiver has been drilled and tapped for a scope. The number of holes (6) appear to have been for two separate scope mounts.

Bolt Group

Bolt type II SG
Ejector type I  
Extractor type III SG
Extractor Plunger type II  
Firing Pin type I SG

Bolt has last three digits of receiver serial number.

Trigger Group

Trigger Housing type II SG
Trigger type II SG
Sear type I unmarked
Hammer type III SG
Safety type III unmarked
Magazine Catch type III SG

Top of trigger housing at rear, mag catch, safety, and trigger have last two digits of receiver serial number.

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