U.S. M1 Carbine
Standard Products
Serial Number: 2,078,643

Bavaria Police Agency (name removed)


Obtained at a local gun show in Phoenix, Arizona by a private buyer in 2006. The carbine is in excellent condition and almost completely configured with the parts consistent with it's time of manufacture, indicated by the serial number as probably occuring between August and September 1943. Standard Products began production in April and May 1943 and was assigned only one serial number block, 1,982,520 through 2,352,519. Standard Products completed production in April 1944, with a total M1 carbine production of 247,160.

The Bavaria police agency name has been nicely removed from the top left side of the receiver to the left of the bolt. The barrel is a replacement barrel manufactured by ERMA Werke of Dachau, Bavaria for the Bavaria Police. The barrel was likely installed by a police armorer somewhere in the vicinity of Ulm, Baden-Wurttemberg. When the barrel was installed, by German law the weapon was required to be tested and inspected by a German government Office of Bombardment to ensure it's safety. This facility placed proof of inspection in the form of a Nitro proof mark (for nitro based gunpowder) followed by a date code, in this case 662 (June 1962) and a mark representing which office did the testing. The mark on this carbine is a stag horn, used by the Office of Bombardment at Ulm.

This carbine does not have an import mark required by U.S. law effective January 1969. This helps date the time frame of importation to the United States as occuring between June 1962 and January 1969.

On the rear of the top of the receiver below the serial number are crudely engraved the letters AHP above four numbers consistent with a police agency inventory number. The Arizona Highway Patrol and Alaska Highway Patrol indicated they didn't use carbines. The Highway Patrol's of Alabama and Arkansas did use M1 carbines in the 1960's but those contacted couldn't recall if they were marked in this fashion.

This is a carbine that has been of service to U.S. troops in the European Theater of WWII, the new Bavaria police force in the American Occupation Zone of Bavaria, and a U.S. law enforcement agency.

Barrel Group

Barrel   unmarked
Front Sight type I N (various original American M1 carbines mfg's)
Barrel Band type I no markings
Barrel Skirt   none
Slide Type IV S 19 (Standard Products, 1st half of production)

The barrel is not an original M1 carbine barrel of American manufacture. On top of the barrel forward of the receiver the barrel is stamped as can be seen in the photograph above.

The Eagle sitting on the letter N is a German Nitro Proof Mark. In 1952 West Germany reinstituted government run firearm inspection and safety standards by opening the first post-war Office of Bombardment (Die Beschussämter in Deutschland) in Ulm, Baden-Wurttemberg. Those firearms using nitro based gunpowder that passed the testing and inspection were stamped with the Nitro proof of testing mark seen on this barrel.

To the right of the Nitro mark, the numbers 662 indicate June 1962 is when the rifle was tested. To the right of these numbers, the antlers identify which Beschussämter facility conducted the testing. The antlers represent the testing facility in Ulm, located in the Lands of Baden-Württemberg.

The barrel immediately forward of where it ataches to the receiver is marked 7.61, signifying the bore diameter.

It is likely the barrel was fitted to the receiver by a police armorer at a facility in Bavaria near Ulm, which would require the inspection. By 1962 proof houses existed in Dachau, just outside Munich, and in northern Bavaria in the district of Lower Franconia. If the police arsenal was closer to one of these other two facilities, it would have been required the inspection to happen at the closer facility.

The slide has last 3 digits of receiver serial number stamped on top of the slide lug by the slide release. Also the number 19, which with the S, identifies the slide as having been manufactured by Standard Products in their first half of M1 Carbine production.

Stock Group

Stock type II S-HB in slingwell (Standard Products)
Handguard type II S-HB (Standard Products)
Buttplate   S-S3 (Shelby Spring Hinge Company for Standard Products)

Inside stock slidewell

Inside handguard

Inside buttplate

left edge of buttplate

Entire receiver serial number stamped inside the stock's slidewell and on the underside of the handguard. Ordnance cannons appear lightly on right side of stock between buttplate and receiver. Last 3 digits of the receiver serial number is stamped on the inside of the buttplate at the top. S-S3 on buttplate is on outer edge to the left of the screwhole.

Receiver Group

Receiver type II Standard Products
Rear Sight type III I.R. Co. 7160060, on right side
Operating Spring Housing   integral
Recoil Plate type III Standard Products (on top) & SW right side (White Sewing Machine Co. of Cleveland, OH for Standard Products)

Bavaria Police Agency name removed

German Nitro Proof

Top of receiver to the left of the bolt has had the Bavaria police agency name removed. This is difficult to see without the assistance of a good magnifier and light reflected off the surface.

German Nitro proof mark on top of left side of receiver ring. The recoil plate has the last 3 digits of the serial number stamped forward of the screw, on top of the word "Standard" of the Standard Products marking.

Letters "AHP" electropenciled by hand on receiver below the serial number, with the numbers 5539 etched below the letters, on the recoil plate. These 4 numbers are consistent with an inventory number used by a police agency.

Bolt Group

Bolt type II AI (Autoyre-Inland)
Extractor type III unmarked
Extractor Plunger type II  
Firing Pin type I SDP (Detroit Plastic Eng. Co. for Standard Products)

A.I. on bolt, this company manufactured bolts for Inland, Saginaw S.G., and National Postal Meter. No numbers stamped or etched on bolt.

Trigger Group

Trigger Housing type III S (Standard Products)
Trigger type II SN (Silver Creek Precision Corp. of Silver Creek, NY for National Postal Meter)
NPM provided Standard Products with 3000 triggers as collateral support during the latter half of 1943.
Sear type I SW (White Sewing Machine Co. of Cleveland, OH for Standard Products)
Hammer type III SW (White Sewing Machine Co. of Cleveland, OH for Standard Products)
Trigger Spring type I  
Trigger Housing Pin Type II  
Safety type II unmarked
Magazine Catch type III E.I. (Eaton Pond Co. of Springfield, MA for Inland)

Last 3 digits of receiver serial number on op of trigger housing lug. Right side of trigger housing even with the magzine well is marked / 1 3 - A / .

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