U.S. M1 Carbine
Serial Number: 3,597,xxx

German Police


This carbine has the altered rear sight done by an unknown German police agency. The agency name on the top left side of the receiver has been ground down and covered with a black substance. This is one of many carbines that have had the agency name removed in this manner and have had the rear sight alteration. The U.S. rear sight was removed completely. On the top of the receiver front and back of the rear sight groove lines have been milled to reduce sighting picture glare.

Barrel Group

Barrel Type 2 Underwood 7/43
Front Sight type 1 N, 66 lft outside
Barrel Band type 1A  
Barrel Skirt    
Slide Type IV unknown

Barrel has ordnance bomb and P proofmark below the Underwood marking. Last 4 digits of receiver serial number stamped in right side of slide rail.

Stock Group

Stock type 2 not marked
Handguard type 2 not marked
Buttplate   unknown

Stock has been given a glossy protective coating, consistent with Austria and some of the German agencies. Stock has the last 4 digits of the receiver serial number in the sling well, the handguard in the bottom side. This stock is not marked with a manufacturer code. It appears to be a German replacement stock. This stock has been observed on other German M1 carbines.

Receiver Group

Receiver type 2 Saginaw
Rear Sight none removed
Operating Spring Tunnel Housing    
Recoil Plate type 3 BB (IBM)

U.S. M1 carbine sight removed. Area behind rear sight groove has small grooves side to side for minimizing glare. Rear sight on receiver ring is same as other M1 carbines that have had this done in Germany. It is adjustable for windage, not elevation. There is an H under the sight adjustment, on the left side of the sight. Agency name removed from top left of receiver.

Bolt Group

Bolt type 1  
Extractor Plunger    
Firing Pin    

Bolt has last 4 digits of receiver serial number electropenciled into the top.

Trigger Group

Trigger Housing type 3 SG (Saginaw and Saginaw Gear)
Sear type 2 SW-N (National Postal Meter)
Hammer type 2 HI
Hammer Spring type 2  
Trigger Housing Pin Type 2  
Safety type 2 or 3  
Magazine Catch type 2A AU (Underwood)

Additional Information

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