U.S. M1 Carbine
Serial Number: 2978178

Bavaria Police


Hand scribed importers mark on left side of receiver by Century Arms of St Albans, VT identifies this carbine as amongst thousands they imported from Bavaria in the mid 1970's. These were sold to law enforcement agencies and officers, only. This carbine has the somewhat unique alteration of the rear sight to a German v notch sight, silver soldered to the top of the receiver ring with the GI sight removed. The Bavaria agency name markings have been obliterated with a grinder and the area covered with a black paint type substance. These are believed to have been used by the Bavaria Rural Police and/or Bavaria Border Police during the American occupation. Purchased at a gun show in Birmingham, AL in October 2008.

Barrel Group

Barrel type II-B Inland Div. General Motors 11-43, I-I on front of gas piston housing
Gas Piston   LI (Lombard Governor Co. of Ashland, MA for Inland)
Front Sight type I N (Inland) 62 in circle on outside of left wing
Barrel Band type IA unmarked (weld marks indicate Inland)
Barrel Skirt long  
Slide type IV PI (Packard Manufacturing Co. of Indianapolis for Inland)

number 62 inside circle is of unknown origin

letter J on top of barrel, directly in front of receiver

letters I-I

letters LI

Inland hierogyphics (internal inspectors marks)

modified slide to accommodate sight

Last four digits of receiver serial number on slide arm.

Stock Group

Stock type III IR & Ordnance bomb (wartime replacement stock)
Handguard type I markings obscured
Buttplate   (late Inland)

Stock has the last 4 digits of the receiver serial number in the sling well. Handguard has same last 4 digits on it's underside.

Receiver Group

Receiver type II Inland Div.
Rear Sight   German replacement
Recoil Plate type III DI (Dayton Mold Co. of Dayton, OH for Inland)

grooves to prevent glare

German V notch sight removed from receiver ring

Century Arms early importer mark

Last four digits of serial number engraved in bolt.
Bavaria agency name has been removed from the top of the receiver to the left of the bolt (required by Bavaria).

Century Arms St. Albans, VT hand engraved into the left side of the receiver parallel to the breach (importer mark). Receiver ring above breach has been machined to accomodate the German v notch replacement sight. Agency name removed from top left of receiver and covered with black substance.

Bolt Group

Bolt type II 17 over S, on right lug (Standard Products)
Ejector type I  
Extractor type III SW (White Sewing Machine Co. of Cleveland, OH for Standard Products)
Extractor Plunger type II  
Firing Pin type I SDP (Detroit Plastic Co. of Detroit, MI for Standard Products)

Bolt has last 4 digits of receiver serial number engraved into the top.

Trigger Group

Trigger Housing type IV ST (Talon Inc. of Meadville, PA for Standard Products)
Trigger type II SN (Silver Creek Precision Corp. of Silver Creek, NY for National Postal Meter)
Sear type I SW (White Sewing Machine Co. of Cleveland, OH for Standard Products)
Hammer type III SW (White Sewing Machine Co. of Cleveland, OH for Standard Products)
Safety type III IN (IBM Electric Writing Machine Division of Rochester, NY for National Postal Meter)
Magazine Catch type II-A AU (Underwood)

Rear of trigger housing at top has last 4 digits of receiver serial number.

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