U.S. M1 Carbine
Rock Ola
Serial Number: 4,541,XXX


Hi. This is a nice blued Rock Ola Bavarian M1 Carbine. It has mostly Rock Ola parts. The I cut High Wood stock has a VERY light RMC in the sling well and some dings and dents BUT no cartouch or rebuild marks.

Barrel Group

Barrel type 1 Rock-Ola (no date)
Front Sight type 1 RP (Rock-Ola)
Barrel Band type 1A MR (Rock-Ola)
Barrel Skirt    
Slide   Rock-Ola

Slide has last 4 digits of receiver serial number stamped in it's side viewable when assembled. Bottom side of barrel has stamped the import mark: Century Arms Inc. St. Albans, VT.

Stock Group

Stock type 1 RMC (Rock-Ola)
Handguard type 1 RMC (Rock-Ola)

I cut, high wood. Last 4 digits of the receiver serial number in slingwell and bottom of handguard. Bottom of handgrip there appears to have been a diamond shaped metal plate attached at one time. Wood is in exceptionally good condition throughout.

Receiver Group

Receiver type 2 Rock-Ola
Rear Sight type 2 PI, on right side (Inland)
Operating Spring Tunnel Housing part of receiver  
Recoil Plate type W (Winchester)

"Bavaria Rural Police" milled in top of receiver along left side by bolt. 873 on rear of receiver is German inventory number.

Bolt Group

Bolt type III  
Ejector type  
Extractor type 3 R (Rock-Ola)
Extractor Plunger type  
Firing Pin type  

Last 4 digits of receiver serial number electropenciled on top of bolt.

Trigger Group

Trigger Housing type 4  
Trigger type 2  
Sear type  
Hammer type  
Trigger Spring type  
Trigger Housing Pin type 2  
Safety type 3  
Magazine Catch type 3 M
Magazine Catch Plunger type  

Last 4 digits of receiver serial number on T of trigger housing.

Additional Information

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