U.S. M1 Carbine
National Postal Meter
Serial Number: 1,464,4xx

Bavaria Forestry Police
Oberfranken + Mittelfranken
(Upper Franconia + Central Franconia)


This carbine is located in New Zealand. The carbines with German agency markings are not uncommon in New Zealand. What is unusual about this carbine is the M2 stock and handguard are painted black. The stock, handguard, and buttplate are not U.S. manufactured. The Germans used a number of M2's, and made M2 stocks. But the black paint is very unusual.

Keep in mind this carbine was used by the Forestry Police.

The top of the receiver has been drilled and tapped for the rear half of a scope mount. The inside of the stock in the area of the M2 selector has been chiseled out to allow more clearance, apparently for securing the front half of the scope mount using the assembled stock and receiver to hold the mount. The Germans did not commonly mount scopes to their M1 carbines, however, evidence of scope mounts such as in this case have been found on a number of carbines used by the Bavaria Forestry Police and Bavaria Game Warden. Also, the front sight blade on this carbine has been filed down on the sides, bringing the top of the sight blade to a point.

The blunt end of the hammer spring guide has also been filed down to almost a spike, but without the sharp point. This was a personal touch that served as a tool for disassembly and reassembly of the carbine.

One theory for the stock being painted black is it was done as camouflage by the same individual who filed down the front sight and hammer spring guide.

Barrel Group

Barrel   Underwood, 1/43
Front Sight type 2 SN rear, SN reversed front (see narrative and pic)
Barrel Band type 1 no markings on band, swivel KV B (Knapp & Vogt Mfg Co. of Grand Rapids, MI for IBM)
Barrel Skirt    
Slide type 6N (National Postal Meter)

Slide stamped with last 4 digits of receiver serial number. Front sight blade has been filed to a point.

Stock Group

Stock type non-G.I.
Handguard type non-G.I.
Buttplate   non-G.I.

Upper stock is for comparison purposes only. Lower stock shows modification to M2 selector area.

Last 4 digits stamped in slingwell and underside of handguard (4009) do not match receiver serial number. Stock and handguard are for the M2 carbine. Both are painted black (see narrative above). Inside of stock in area of M2 selector has been chiseled down to allow room for what appears to be the front part of a scope mount (see receiver below).

Receiver Group

Receiver type 2 National Postal Meter
Rear Sight type 1 S on left, RN on right and front (National Postal Meter)
Recoil Plate type 2 unmarked (various mfg, including National Postal Meter)

The top of the receiver on the rear sight mount has been drilled and tapped to secure the rear half of a scope mount. Bavaria Forestry Police O+M indicates this carbine was assigned to the Forestry Police in the Bavaria districts of Oberfranken + Mittelfranken (Upper Franconia + Central Franconia).

Bolt Group

Bolt type 2 N right lug, 6 left lug (National Postal Meter)
Extractor type 3 SW (Standard Products
Extractor Plunger    
Firing Pin   .U. (Underwood)

Last 4 digits of receiver serial number engraved in top of bolt.

Trigger Group

Trigger Housing type 2 N right rear, L left rear (National Postal Meter)
Sear type 1 LN (National Postal Meter)
Hammer type 1 HI (Inland)
Trigger Spring    
Trigger Housing Pin Type 2  
Safety type 2 or 3 unmarked
Magazine Catch type 2a EP-Q (Eaton Pond Co. of Springfield, IL for Quality Hardware)
Magazine Catch Plunger    

Last 4 digits of the receiver serial number on back of trigger housing. Hammer spring guide has been honed to a blunt point on end, possibly for using the guide as an assembly/disassembly tool.

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