U.S. M1 Carbine
Serial Number: 1,202,xxx

Bavaria Forestry Police
LandesGendarmerieKommando NiederÖsterreich (LGKNÖ)


No details.

Barrel Group

Barrel   unknown
Front Sight type modified
Barrel Band type 1  
Barrel Skirt    
Slide Type 3 W (Winchester)

No close up picture of the barrel and it's components could be obtained. Last 4 digits of receiver serial number on slide arm.

Stock Group

Stock type 2 PU (Underwood)
Handguard type 2 Q-RMC(Quality Hardware)
Buttplate   unknown

Handguard and slingwell of stock have last 4 digits of receiver serial number.

Receiver Group

Receiver type 2 Winchester
Rear Sight type 3  
Operating Spring Tunnel Housing    
Recoil Plate type  

Bavaria Forestry Police

Bolt Group

Bolt type 1  
Extractor Plunger    
Firing Pin    

Last four digits of receiver serial number electropenciled into the top of the bolt.

Trigger Group

Trigger Housing type 2 Q-NL (Quality Hardware)
Sear type  
Hammer type  
Trigger Spring type  
Trigger Housing Pin Type  
Safety type 4  
Magazine Catch type 3 underlined M

Bottom of trigger housing has markings LGKNÖ with the inventory number 0807. Rear of trigger housing on T are last four digits of the receiver serial number.

Additional Information

No further details.

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