U.S. M1 Carbine

Serial Number: 4,929,947

Austria (agency unknown)

Bavaria Forestry Police


Imported by Intrac of Knoxville, TN in 1993. Listed in the Centerfire Systems Catalogs dated June 8, 1995 ($349.97), July 20, 1995 ($349.97), and January 1996 ($299.97). Not listed in the catalog for March 1996, indicating it was sold by Centerfire Systems between January and March 1996. Purchased at a gun show approximately 1996.

Number on bottom of trigger housing is consistent with the inventory numbers used by the Austrian Gendarmerie but lacks the usual Province/State and Gendarmerie Command letters. Inventory number is also stamped in stock slingwell and etched in top of bolt.

Barrel Group

Barrel type IIB Inland 1-44; B.I. (BLC Div of General Motors for Inland)
Gas Piston Housing unknown  
Front Sight type I JQ (O.D. Jennings Co. of Chicago, IL for QHMC)
Barrel Band/Swivel type I unmarked
Slide type IV SG (Saginaw Gear)

Barrel band listed in Centerfire Systems investory indicates type I. Last 4 digits of serial number not stamped on slide. Letters B.I. on flat portion of barrel bottom (see pic).

Stock Group

Stock type II highwood unmarked (Winchester)
Handguard type II OI (S.E. Overton of South Haven, MI for Inland)
Buttplate   unknown

0286 stamped above 2947 (last of s/n) in slingwell. 5 over 5 stamped further into slingwell. The name Moore with two illegible first initials is embedded into left side of stock and Moore in right side of stock near buttplate.

Receiver Group

Receiver type II Inland
Rear Sight type II JAO (J.A. Otterbein for Winchester and as a replacement)
Operating Spring Tunnel Housing type integral
Recoil Plate type unknown

Bavaria Forestry Police on top of receiver to left of bolt. Prior Bavaria agency name removed and replaced with Bavaria Forestry Police.

Bolt Group

Bolt type II flat unknown
Ejector type  
Extractor type  
Extractor Plunger type  
Firing Pin type  

0286 engraved in top of bolt.

Trigger Group

Trigger Housing type M2 W (Winchester)
Trigger type  
Sear type  
Hammer type III HI (Hemphill Co. for Inland)
Safety type IV double S encircled (GI replacement safety)
Magazine Catch type M2 unknown

Driled and tapped for scope mount. 0286 on bottom of trigger housing is consistent with a Gendarmerie inventory number, but no Gendarmerie province/state is indicated.

Information and photographs courtesy of Roy Ruth