U.S. M1 Carbine
Standard Products
Serial Number: 2138399

Bavaria Rural Police
Landes Gendarmerie Kommand - Vorarlberg


Returned to the U.S. Army by Austria. Purchased from CMP. This carbine was used by the Bavaria Rural Police then sold to the Austria Gendarmerie by Bavaria in 1955 and assigned to the Austrian land of Vorarlberg.

Barrel Group

Barrel type II-B Underwood 12-43
Gas Piston   unmarked
Front Sight type I N (used by various prime contractors including Standard Products)
Barrel Band type IA KVB on swivel, band unmarked (Knapp & VogtMfg. Co. of Grand Rapids, MI for IBM)
Barrel Skirt short  
Slide type IV Rock-Ola

Last 4 digits of serial number on slide arm.

Stock Group

Stock non GI  
Handguard type II OI (S.E. Overton of South Haven, MI for Inland)
Buttplate non GI  

Stock made from Northern European Beech Wood

Last 4 digits of receiver serial number in stock slingwell and underside of handguard. The stock was manufactured in Europe for use by the German police in the American Occupation Zone. The buttplate was from another rifle and adapted to the M1 Carbine stock.

Receiver Group

Receiver type II Standard Products
Rear Sight type I S on left side of flip sight
Recoil Plate type III AU (unknown subcontractor for Underwood - 09/1943 Underwood supplied 5000 recoil plates to Standard Products)

Bavaria Rural Police on top of receiver to left of bolt.

Bolt Group

Bolt type III A.I. 2 (Autotyre for Inland)
Ejector type III  
Extractor type III W.I. (Wadsworth Watch Case Co. of Dayton, KY for Inland)
Extractor Plunger type II  
Firing Pin type III I-I (unknown subcontractor for Inland)

Bolt has last 4 digits of receiver serial number engraved into the top of the bolt.

Trigger Group

Trigger Housing type II N 9 (National Postal Meter)
Trigger type II SN (Silver Creek Precision Corp. of Silver Creek, NY for National Postal Meter - 11/1943 and 12/1943 NPM supplied Standard Products with 1000 triggers on each occasion)
Sear type I G.U. (unknown subcontractor for Underwood - 10/1943 Underwood supplied Standard Products with 7000 triggers)
Hammer type III .U. (Underwood - 11/1943 Underwood supplied Standardard Products with 3000 hammers)
Safety type IV SS (replacement rotary safety)
Magazine Catch type III E.I. (Eaton Pond Co. of Springfield, MA for Inland)

Last 4 digits of receiver serial number on rear of trigger housing.

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