U.S. M1 Carbine
Inland Div. General Motors
Serial Number: 5179538

LandesGendarmerieKommando Vorarlberg (LGKV)


Returned to the U.S. Army by the government of Austria. Provided to the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), by the U.S. Army. Purchased from CMP May 2009. Excellent example of an M1 carbine used by the Austrian Gendarmerie in Vorarlberg.

Barrel Group

Barrel   Inland 44 (no month indicated)
Front Sight type I N (Inland & others)
Barrel Band/Swivel type III D inside diamond on band, SA2 on lug (D is Donaldson Manufacturing during WWII, SA2 believed to be a subcontactor for Donaldson)
Slide type II PI (Packard Mfg Corp of Indianapolis for Inland)

Barrel has year only, no month indicated.

Stock Group

Stock type V SA (Springfield Armory)
Handguard 2 rivet unmarked
Buttplate   Late Inland

Full serial number stamped in slingwell, bottom of handguard, and on stock under buttplate.

Receiver Group

Receiver   Inland Div.
Rear Sight type III I.R. Co. 7160060 (International Register Co and Ordnance drawing number)
Operating Spring Tunnel Housing   attached
Recoil Plate type D.I. (Dayton Mold Co. of Dayton, OH for Inland)

Receiver has no prior Bavaria markings.

Bolt Group

Bolt flat U (Underwood)
Ejector type I  
Extractor type III R (Rock-Ola)
Extractor Plunger type II  
Firing Pin type III N-Q (Nolan Machine Co. of Rochester, NY for Quality Hardware)

Trigger Group

Trigger Housing type III SG (Saginaw Gear, Saginaw, MI)
Trigger type II RHI (Reflector Hardware Co. of Chicago, IL for Inland)
Sear type I SG-B (Sargent & Greenleaf Co. of Rochester, NY for IBM)
Hammer type III NI (National Cash Register Co. of Dayton, OH for Inland)
Trigger Housing Pin type II  
Safety type IV rotary SS in circle (late WWII by Wm. Steinen Company)
Magazine Catch type III WA adjacent M (Walt Manufacturing, during WWII)