U.S. M1 Carbine
Saginaw S'G'
Serial Number: 3643791

Austria Gendarmerie, Lower Austria


Purchased from a private party off one of the Internet Forums in April 2007. Previous owner purchased the carbine from a dealer in St. Louis in 1996 for $380.00. At the time, no one wanted to buy an “Import”. He put about 20 rounds through it, cleaned it, and put it away in the safe. The dealer had about 10 of them in stock, but the purchaser liked this one because it was the only one with a sling.

Barrel Group

Barrel type IIB Inland, 11-43 with two P (proof) marks
Front Sight type I none, small groove behind blade
Barrel Band/Swivel type III band marked MMQ, lug marked EM-Q (G.I., used as replacement)
Barrel Skirt   short
Slide type III AOB (Auto Ordnance for IBM)
Operating slide stop type I  

Last 4 digits of receiver serial number on slide. "INTRAC Knox TN" engraved on bottom of barrel behind front sight.

Stock Group

Stock type V SA in barrel channel (Springfield Armory)
Handguard type I unmarked
Buttplate   square pattern

Last 4 digits of receiver serial number in slingwell and inside handguard.

Receiver Group

Receiver type II S'G' (wide tang)
Rear Sight type III IRCO 7160060 (International Silver Co.)
Operating Spring Tunnel Housing integral  
Recoil Plate type III W (Winchester)

Bolt Group

Bolt type III EM-B (Endicott Machine Co. of Endicott, NY for IBM)
Ejector type 1  
Extractor type III IB (IBM)
Extractor Plunger type II  
Firing Pin type III NL-Q (National Lock Co. of Rockford, IL for Quality Hardware)

Bolt has last 4 digits of receiver serial number electro-penciled on top.

Trigger Group

Trigger Housing type IV Q visible, rest illegible
Trigger type II W (Winchester)
Sear type I GE-Q (Gerrard Co. of Chicago for Quality Hardware)
Hammer type III W (Winchester)
Trigger Housing Pin type 2  
Safety type IV M inside C
Magazine Catch type IV none

Trigger guard has last 4 digits of serial number on rear "T", bottom of trigger housing forward of trigger guard is stamped LGKNÖ with 2533 underneath the letters. The 2533 is the inventory number assigned by the Austrians.


Leather “STOLLA” marked sling. Another stamp on the inside (rough) side of the leather is unreadable.

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